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  Shake It Up
Disney Channel
The ShowbizShow with David Spade
Comedy Central
Puppet created and operated by Puppet Studio,
Center of the Universe
Puppet designed and fabricated by the Puppet Studio.
Complete Savages
Puppet designed and fabricated by the Puppet Studio
Puppets designed and fabricated by the Puppet Studio
We created the puppet, Mr. Cookiepants, that appeared in a several episodes of this NBC comedy
Primetime Glick,(series)
Comedy Central. 2MB
We strung the marionettes and performed them with the very funny Martin Short and his comedy guests in this series. In association with Bob Baker.
ABC Movie of the Week -Disney
We designed, built and operated the puppets and marionettes on this TV movie that starred Drew Carrey. In association with Bob Baker.

Super Adventure Team
MTV (series) 7.4MB

Principal puppeteer including voice work for multiple characters in this series for MTV. We also did the marionette rigging and performed from alll the marionete from a puppeteeer catwalk called a bridge.
Beakman's World (series)
1997 Award for Excellence in Puppetry (UNIMA)
The design and the construction of these puppets was at in the Puppet Studio. We were also the principal puppeteers and developed the computer animation for the show.
  Who's the Boss, ABC We designed and built a Tony Danza Look-alike hand puppet for an episode.
The Nanny starring Fran Drescher 5.3MB We designed, built and operated the chin puppets for the show.
Use Your Head - Amy Hill Pilot
Sandollar/Disney Channel
Puppet Studio loved working with Amy Hill. We desgined and built the puppets and marionettes and served as principal puppeteers and voice actors. Gail Berman served as a producer.
Riders in the Sky (series) We designed and built all the animatronic puppets for this CBS series.
Married with Children FOX We built (in 30 minutes) and performed this gnarly sock puppet witch with June Foray providing her wonderful witch voice from off camera.
Pee-wee's Playhouse (series) We served as puppet builders and performers on this classic Saturday morning show.
  Mr. Belvedere, ABC Our p uppet look-alikes of Mr. Belveder and Wesley were featured in this show.
D.C. Follies (series) 1.8. MB
Emmy nomination
Princpal puppeters on this syndicated series from Sid and Marty Krofft.
  America's Funniest Home Videos We made a guest appearance with a hand puppet designed and created at the Puppet Studio.
CBS MOW starring Dom DeLuise
 We created and performed the puppets on this TV movie produced and starring Dom DeLuise.
ABC Weekend Specials
starring OG Readmore (series)
 O.G.Readmore was the character that put the Puppet Studio in business. We created and performed the puppets for four seasons.
Popples - Syndication - Mattel  The puppets were designed and fabricated at the Puppet Studio. We performed as well as cast ans supervised the other puppeteers on the show with us.

A Plumm Summer
Fairplay Pictures

Meet the Fockers

Men in Black II
Sony Pictures/Amblin
Mighty Joe Young 4.0 MB
Men in Black
Sony Pictures/Amblin
Child's Play 3
  MuppetVision 3D

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