Puppet Studio, the Hollywood-based company specializing in the design, construction and performance of three-dimensional puppet characters recently completed shooting a commercial for Japanese television. Hired by TBWA/Japan, Puppet Studio created and performed the character "Mr. Heart" a bright yellow dog puppet who is used to introduce a new product to the Japanese market. Puppet Studio also designed and fabricated a mosquito for the production.

The product, Advantage Heart, is a flea and heartworm medicine for dogs. It is applied externally by the pet owner and is only available through veterinarians. Part of the campaign includes a colorful brochure, poster and print ads featuring Mr. Heart extolling the virtues of Advantage Heart.

Japanese music video director Ken Eguchi was flown to Los Angeles to direct the spot, which was executive produced by Sumitaka Ogasawara of Five S, Inc., Japan. The L.A. shoot was produced by Tochi Kawaguchi of Watermelon Co., Los Angeles.


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