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Steve Sherman has the distinction of going up against Linda Ronstadt for an Emmy Award in 1989. She won, but then she hadn't performed in disguise as Sherman and his fellow puppeteers had in the Krofft Entertainment production of "D.C. Follies."

A strong interest in comic book development and design led Sherman to associations with leaders in the genre, including Jack Kirby, creator of the Hulk and Captain America, and with Marvel Comics Group where he created licensed products, developed and wrote commercial spots for Marvel characters and produced and staged benefit shows featuring those characters.His acting ability came in handy when he portrayed the "Amazing Spiderman" for promotional appearances.

From there, Sherman garnered a list of development, writing and designing credits in animation and puppets (and the combination of the two). They included four years with the popular DC Comics, a half-hour pilot featuring puppets for Golden West Broadcasting and KTLA, and three years with Filmation Associates, creating characters for various programs.

Toys were a natural sideline to which Sherman lent his innovative ideas as well. He joined Fred Adickes Associates, a leading toy development firm of the last decade, where he took part in the creation of products for major companies such Ideal and Fisher Price. He also spent four years as a consultant to Mattel Toys.

Steve updates his credit list of television and feature work with Men in Black 2. He previously worked with Rick Baker on Mighty Joe Young.